Jordan International Oil Shale Symposium 2014

Lecture presentation on "Prospecting of Oil Shale deposits using EMI UWB sounding" 13 of April 2014. Report held in Movenpick hotel in Jordan at the conference of #JIOSS2014



Geolocal works in Lubumbashi (DR CONGO)

In August 2013 the specialists of Geodizond have been successfully performed by experienced geophysical surveys electromagnetic pulsed ultra-wideband (UWB EMI) sensing for advanced facilities in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Score continuity concrete identification and contouring possible cavities, voids and decompression in structures underground parking by EMI UWB sounding

In December 2013 - January 2014 Geodizond was surveyed concrete structures (floor and walls) of underground parking at St. Petersburg using geophysical electromagnetic pulsed ultra-wideband (UWB EMI) sounding


According to the tasks survey was to evaluate the continuity of the concrete structures , namely : 1) the identification of the cavities , voids, decompression fragments in concrete structures , 2) delineation of violations concrete 3) preparation of a conclusion about the cause of cavities , voids and decompression .

Conducted on-site geophysical measurements is a vertical electromagnetic sounding floor and walls in the horizontal sensing points measuring complex antenna placement inside the building underground parking .


Main activities of Geodizond


Inspection of the underlying ground and foundations supporting both buildings and structures.

Performance of geophysical examinations for construction of roads and railway tunnels, bridges, bridge transitions, headers, etc.

* Geological mapping of layers.
* Exposure of karst cavities and cavities in soils underlying railway road-beds and tectonics of the weakened zones.
* Revealing underground water layers.
* Advanced geological-geophysical inspection of the working faces of tunnels:
- Revealing tectonic zones of disturbance.
- Revealing water-bearing elements.
* Inspection of the state of condition behind linings.

Exposure of defects in hydraulic engineering structures, piles, foundations and other concrete constructions:

* Radar inspection of concrete and reinforced-concrete constructions with the purpose of detecting latent breaches of continuous concrete structures (fractures and fracture zones and sites of softening).
* Determination of places of probable drainage of water through the body of a concrete or earthen dam.
* Radar inspection of the bottom of a reservoir and also of the geologic layers of its components, from onboard a floating base.
* Detection and tracing of pipes laid underground and on the bottom of reservoirs.

Determination of the disposition of underground engineering structures and communications.

Archeological investigations.

Inspection of mineral deposits (hard, liquid or gaseous).

Definition of zones of pollution of the surrounding environment (from petroleum, heating oil, etc.).

Location of underground aquifers.

Depth of Inspection: 100 meters and more





Currently, are working to control the quality (weak zones, hi-moisture zones etc.) of sealing the wall structures of the Mitrofanov's dry dock (Kronshtadt) using UWB sounding method/

In 2018 were surveyed:

 SPb, Moskovsky district - Courthouse


Gatchina, water intake North


 Leningrad region, Priozersky district, v.Zaostrovie 


Moscow, tunnels on Kozhuhovskaya & Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya lines of metro